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Content Management System (CMS) Integration

Automated translation workflow at your fingertips!

When should you choose CMS solutions?

We offer cloud-based solutions in which your website’s (CMS) directly integrates with our translation management software (TMS). Our CMS connectors integrate the TMS with your CMS irrespective of your website’s CMS platform, thereby facilitating your goal of global expansion. Through our cutting-edge technological solutions, your website can be localized with almost no IT involvement at your end, saving not only time and effort but also 20%–70% of your cost.

Client content

1. Clients CMS PlatformContent is stored in your CMS platform
2. CMS-TMS connectionAuto integration with your CMS Platform
Almost NO IT involvement
3. Translation memory integrationWe analyse your website content, and pass on repetiton and TM benefit
Save 20-70% of cost
4. Experienced linguistLinguist with over 10 years experience works on your translation
5. internal testing & quality reviewA thorough bilingual quality check and testing done in a staging environment
ISO 9001: 2008 Certified QMS
6. Client ReviewMirrored version of translated website available for your review
In-context review by client
7. Review implementationYour feedback is incorporated
Once approved, translated content is auto-published in your CMS
Reduce your go-live turnaround time of globalization
Update source web contentAutomatic change detection Any update in the source website is detected automatically and translation process can start
Automatic change detection

Ulatus translation

Speed up your global go-live plans with just one click of export–import content

Irrespective of your CMS platform—Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, or any other—we help you with the technology that effectively transmits the content you need translated into our TMS. Our technology seamlessly completes the translation while protecting the tags, formatting, images, tables, embedded video, and other key elements of the original. This is an easier, faster, and far more efficient way to localize websites rather than manually exporting content. Now, you can automate the process and concentrate on making your website truly global.

Supported CMS Connectors

Don’t see your system listed?

Don’t sweat it – you are still covered by our plug-in based integration technology