Website Localization Services for Argetes Capital Partners

Ulatus provides end-to-end website localization services to Argetes Capital Partners

Because of our expertise, a European Financial Advisory Firm, Argetes Capital Partners (ACP) trusted us to take 100% control of localizing their website from English to Chinese in just three weeks.

Ulatus has proved to be the ideal language solutions provider for ACP. They took the complete onus of localizing our website for China and did an excellent job at it.

Project Summary

  • Client: Christopher J Georgakis, Managing Partner, Argetes Capital Partners
  • Service: Website Localization Services including TEP and Graphic Design
  • Language: English to Simplified Chinese
  • Files: Website (
  • Discipline: Financial - Ship Financing
Website Localization Services for Argetes Capital Partners


Argetes Capital Partners (ACP) is a ship-finance advisory firm that provides counsel based on proven information. It tailors effective finance strategies for a broad range of clients and assists in implementing the plans. We were approached by the company’s Managing Partner to take full control and responsibility for translating and publishing their English-language website for the Chinese market. They did not want to be involved and trusted our expertise to own the project from start to finish.

Project Challenges

  • Independent solutions with no client involvement Christopher challenged us to take complete ownership of the website from the back-end, and localize the website with no involvement from them. ACP had never translated content, had no experience in website localization and did not have a Chinese-language reviewer to confirm the quality. They needed someone they could trust completely.
  • Translation style and accuracy Our challenge was to provide high-quality and accuracy in the translations while ensuring the style was directed at the target audience of ACP. For this assignment, the content needed to be professional and also have a marketing tone that appeals the finance industry. Finding a qualified linguist with experience in both marketing and ship-finance was essential.
  • Above and beyond translation ACP provided us with the access to its existing site so we could translate and localize the site for them. We integrated their website CMS and plug-ins with our proprietary technology for a seamless localization experience. As we investigated the ACP’s website, we found English content embedded into their images. We realized we not only had to translate the text content but also redesign and localize all the individual images used on their website.

How Ulatus Overcame The Challenges?

  • A specialized and dedicated team of expertsWith no involvement from the ACP team, we truly owned this website localization project from start to finish. We assigned a dedicated Localization Manager who was available 24/7 and brought together a specialized team of experts. The team then divided the project into tasks, which gave us the flexibility we needed to adapt to the different needs that arose as we analyzed the website.
  • Our ROI-driven technology saved time and improved accuracyDue to our past experience of working on similar website localization projects, we could easily integrate ACP’s website CMS, WordPress, with our Translation Management System (TMS) with the help of WPML plug-in. This time-saving process allowed us to accurately export the website content to our system and begin our localization process quickly.
  • A multi-step process for high-quality translationTo ensure the translation style was accurate and localized for the Chinese market, we provided our TEP (Translation + Editing + Proofreading) service and engaged a linguist with experience in ship-finance, marketing, and website translation.
    Once the translation of the webpage into Chinese was completed, we sent them to a second experienced reviewer for an additional, comprehensive quality assessment. Immediate feedback was provided and all the necessary edits were made.
    Only then was the publish-ready Chinese content uploaded to the client’s WordPress site.
  • Graphic Illustrations LocalizationAs we worked through the website, we found images that were embedded with English content. We took it upon us to add an experienced graphic designer to the team. We redesigned all the images and graphic illustrations using localized Chinese content, which were then uploaded on the WordPress media gallery and linked with the respective website pages.


  • The depth of our experience and adaptability of our people allowed Ulatus to successfully localize a website with no client involvement.
  • With total responsibility and accountability, we provided a one-stop website localization solution from integration to language translation and LQA testing to publishing the website which impressed the ACP team.

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