Burns - World’s most trusted name in comprehensive coffee roasting solutions.

Ulatus provided website development, website localization, and SEO in 9 languages for Burns Industrial Coffee Roasters, who have decades of experience in the art and science of roasting coffee.

It was a real pleasure working with the Ulatus team. All the translations were done on time & with top quality. Everybody on the team was impressive & responsive. There was good synergy throughout. I totally enjoyed collaborating with everyone. Thank you, everybody! Your efforts are much appreciated!

Project Summary

  • Service name: Website development, website localization, multilingual SEO
  • Language Pair: English to
    English Aus Mexican Spanish Korean Arabic Portuguese Vietnamese Bahasaand Chinese
  • Word count: 63,290 words
  • Website: https://www.burnsroasters.com/
  • Industry: Coffee Industry (Roasting and Processing services)

About the company, what were their requirements, and why?

Burns Roasters are proudly produced by Probat Inc., in Lincolnshire, Illinois. The company was named after its founder Jabez Burns in 1864. Jabez Burns was the first to invent the self-emptying coffee roaster. Based out of New York City, this revolutionary invention changed the coffee industry. John Arbuckle, the owner of a grocery chain, purchased the Burns roaster and became the first grocer to sell pre-roasted coffee by the pound. Hills Brothers, Folgers, and Superior soon followed Arbuckle by purchasing Burns roasters and entering into the pre-roasted coffee market.

Probat Inc. was looking for a localization partner who could help them design new pages, partner gateway, embed product videos, CTAs, Pop-Ups, contact forms, and link these forms to their CRM for all 9 languages using the WPML web platform. Also, they wanted to translate their website from English into 9 languages and needed Ulatus to provide SEO services for the respective languages. Being a product specialist in the field of coffee roasting, their website consisted mostly of product and technical information, and it was important that the solutions they are offering were captured correctly in multiple languages for their global partners and respective client base.

Challenges faced by Ulatus for the project

Website content localization in multiple languages to cater to the global client base & market partners

In this project, there were multiple challenges to begin with, and we had to understand each requirement clearly to proceed further. The client was looking to increase their global footprint & market outreach and was looking for a localization partner who could assist them in translating all their website content across 9 different languages. A lot of product material, which included parts catalogs, specification sheets & product videos, had to be embedded into relevant sections of the website.

Multilingual Search Engine Optimization

A very important client requirement for this project was to provide multilingual Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for all websites, including setting up Google Analytics and Google My Business account for the parent website and also their agents around the world. SEO tasks included optimizing the title tags, meta descriptions, backlinking, Hreflang tags, and image optimization.

Embedding Social Media Elements to garner more eyeballs

The client wanted to enhance their global market outreach approach through various social media channels like YouTube, Vimeo, etc., and create an agent world map locator and a digital space for their agents to leverage from. They had many animations and product videos, which had to be made available on both their YouTube and Vimeo Channels as also embedded onto all their websites along with strategically placed CTAs.

Accommodating scope enhancements

The client had recently revamped their website, which from a development perspective was still incomplete as they came with additional requests for the creation of pages, contact forms with their linking to the database, and other features. This resulted in multiple scope additions, which we had to carefully integrate with the already completed portions of the website and ensure the quality of the content was not compromised across numerous languages.

Solution provided by Ulatus to client

Ulatus helped Probat overcome regional barriers and present their coffee roasters product to their global business partners and customers in a way that they could relate to and identify with.

We managed to meet all client requirements through some of the key efforts mentioned below:

Website overhaul to help enhance BURNS branding & product outreach across multiple global locations

Ulatus worked on developing & designing features based on our extensive consultative discussions with the client. Our team ensured all the required features were replicated/localized across 9 languages keeping in mind the translation quality and language nuances like the scripts in Chinese, Arabic, etc. We went through all the content like product manuals, product videos, partner portal and made sure that these were all translated accurately and placed in the correct sections of the website with the required security measures for download and global consumption.

Use of latest digital/social media tools & expertise

Our expert digital marketing & project management team worked closely with the client in providing the required expertise and features on the website to connect with their global business partners and customers. The latest features we provided included setting up secured access to product documents and videos on social media platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. A visually appealing world map was created, which indicated the various locations being covered currently by Probat and this also included information about their regional business partner offices. A secured partner portal was developed within the website, which could only be accessed by their business associates through secure access as it consisted of all the proprietary product-related materials.

Ensuring connect with the local partners by ensuring native translation consistency in tone & style

Selecting the right linguists with knowledge in coffee roasters subject area was important for this project. Ulatus used its proprietary tool that automatically selects an ideal list of linguists required for the project. The selection is based on a proprietary algorithm built in our project management workflow system, selecting the best, most highly skilled linguistic team, and for this project, we short-listed linguists with expertise in coffee roasting & processing services. Since the translation was done across multiple languages, our team of linguists provided Transadaptation to take care of the consistency in tone and style of the local markets, customers & partners.

Smart and agile framework used for articulate planning and seamless execution

Considering the huge volumes of files that had to be transferred post-translation to the WordPress site, we used the concept of language connector via the WPML Plug-in/dashboard. This particular technique was a smart way of exporting the content to our TMS seamlessly and importing it right back. Additionally, it auto-populates the relevant section without any manual intervention. And this approach helped Probat review the content in faster turnaround times.

And to make the client review process simple and less complicated, we hosted the translations on a test link and conducted a thorough LQA before it was sent to the Probat team. Also, we gave the client access to the same test links along with an easy to fill Excel format wherein their reviewers could easily document any suggestions/changes to be made to the website. This provided both our and the client’s reviewers good contextual clarity to achieve flawless translation quality.

Ulatus team worked tirelessly in providing a fresh and vibrant website to Probat that was built using the latest digitally-enhanced intelligence tools. We were able to achieve this by working seamlessly with the client, our marketing, web development, and project management teams in a seamless manner where we approached every single request, big or small, with a make it happen attitude into reality. The client testimonial is a blazing testament to all the hard work and effort put in by team Ulatus to make this project a huge success and creating customer delight at all levels.

Project Overview

  • One-stop, end-to-end website development & localization service provided
  • Successfully worked on providing the latest digital expertise like SEO in multiple languages
  • Ensuring local style and tone consistency using transadaptation techniques
  • Smart and agile framework used for seamless planning and execution

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