A top US company overcomes the long-standing translated-text shortcomings by creating reader-friendly transcreations at breakneck speeds while achieving top-class quality & accuracy

I wholeheartedly believe that the quality of the translation could not have been more perfect. I rarely ever see this level of quality delivered by any language provider worldwide. I want to share my gratitude with all the amazing team members who collectively made this project a great success

Project Summary

Zendesk Logo
  • Service: Website and Blogs Transcreation
  • Language Pair: English to Japanese
  • Discipline: IT, Software, Business Management

Project requirement

Zendesk is a prominent software and business management company looking to magnify its reach and audience throughout Japan. Research states showcases that the majority of working-class Japanese people browse for content while traveling in crowded public transportation. It was evident that each time they found a blogpost that was either overtranslated or hard to read, they almost always discarded it without reading.

Blogs are crucial to Zendesk’s business expansion plans as they attract prospects & ultimately convert them to leads. This is the primary reason our client was opposed to the traditional translation approach for localizing their marketing content such as blogposts, Web pages, eBooks, etc. Instead, they strived for Transcreation that will undoubtedly make the Japanese content as natural, fluent, and reader-friendly as if it was natively created in Japanese from scratch.


Target Audience’s Low tolerance for complicated translation

As English literacy of the target audience is almost zero, excessive Katakana (script used for foreign words) usage puts them off completely. This makes it imperative for an American organization to invest in seamless transcreation to hold its audience’s interest, which will lead to boosting their revenue immensely

Moderate Tech Knowledge & Aversion to Tech Jargons

Though they recognize the basic technical concepts, they simply don’t appreciate complicated tech lingo. This means all the money spent on translation is wasted when this aspect isn’t taken into consideration completely.

Absence of defined style guide or transcreation level yardstick

The client didn’t come with a specific style guide in mind for transcreation. It was challenging to understand the extent of transcreation they required since nothing was pre-defined. Relevant questions such as if we could add new information or if we could split a sentence or merge multiple sentences were just a few of the unanswered questions we had when we embarked on this mighty mission.

How Ulatus Overcame The Challenges

Customized approach for unprecedented requests

For a better understanding of our client’s requirements, we prepared two versions of this project – the first one was more faithful to the original content and other heavily transcreated. The client preferred the 1st version as it hit the right balance between literal translation and liberal transcreation. We understood that the client wasn’t looking to deviate from the original context of their project but wanted to increase the readability and fluency of the content for the Japanese market. Now, we have a definite blueprint for all future projects.

Putting together a skilled transcreation team

It was paramount that the blogs appeal to the audience not to just read through but also click the CTA and submit the registration form. As the content comprised of moderate to highly technical terms, we formulated a team of subject matter specialists that included both in-house & contracted, highly-trained and qualified native and bilingual translators, to ensure superior accuracy and immaculate quality.

Terminology Tool; Integration between CMS and TMS

Given the abundance of technical terms, Ulatus’ proprietary terminology tool helps ensure that technical texts are accurately translated and devoid of any ambiguities. Further, the client’s Content Management Software (CMS) was integrated in a way that their blogs were delivered to Ulatus’ Translation Management Software (TMS), leading to the translators getting notified in real-time.

Given the strict & short deadlines for transcreation from the original English articles, the integration allowed for a seamless 24/7 coverage for our client, resulting in heightened efficiency along with flawless transcreation.

Solutions summary

  • Achieved reader-friendly transcreation of blogs and webpages to increase readership manifolds.
  • Shortened the transcreation timeline significantly without ever compromising on the pristine quality
  • Eliminated all the glitches & misconceptions that made the content difficult & unattractive to non-native readers
  • Created an Established Blueprint for future projects to achieve consistent excellence in every transcreation

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