Chinese to English translation of an acupuncture book

Impeccable Translation of a Book on Post-Modern Economics

Surpassed Mr. Takayuki's expectations by accurately translating his book, Theory of Values and Fairness, from Japanese to English and offering exceptional after sales service for 2 years.

Excellent and efficient delivery on this project has made Ulatus my preferred choice for all future translation requirements.

Project Summary

  • Client Name: Mr. Takayuki Noshi
  • Book title: Theory of Values and Fairness - An Introduction to Post-Modern Economics
  • Subject area: Macroeconomics, Biology and Mathematics
  • Target audience: International researchers
  • Service: Book Translation
  • Translation level: Level 3 (Translation + Translation check + Native check) + Additional native check + Formatting
  • Total volume: 151,043 characters (284 pages)
  • Delivery: Chapter wise (23 chapters)
  • After sales support offered: 2 years from delivery
Impeccable Translation of a Book on Post-Modern Economics

Project Challenges

  • One book, various disciplines – all needing specialized expertise The book with 23 chapters required specialization expertise from different fields of macroeconomics, biology and mathematics. Our biggest challenge was to provide expertise pertaining to each subject while maintaining consistency by not using multiple translators, even though there were multiple subjects.
  • No Technical terminology list Considering the book had various interdisciplinary different subjects, it was imperative to have a technical terminology list. The client did not provide any technical terminology list which was essential from the perspective of keeping the text consistent, as it was a descriptive book project, with multiple subject areas.
  • Complex formatting requirements Maintaining formatting consistency of the translated file with the source file was a pivotal requirement of Mr. Takayuki. This was a complex task as the source file was a PDF which contained innumerable equations, figures, and tables that needed to be replicated in the translated file as it is.

How Ulatus Overcame The Challenges?

  • Appointed a Lead Translator and Reviewer apart from specialized translators We conscientiously had to choose translators who had specialization in multiple subjects included in the book. All the translators chosen for this project were experts in their respective fields. Despite of that, we chose to go a step ahead and appoint a lead translator and reviewer to link and collate the portions done by different translators. This was critical to ensure overall consistency in the file.
  • Prepared a comprehensive Terminology Checklist to Achieve Consistency Since a technical terminology list was not provided, our lead translator took the initiative to prepare an exhaustive terminology checklist, which was then shared with Mr. Takayuki for approval. His suggestions were then incorporated and the final checklist was shared with all the stakeholders involved in the translation process. The checklist ensured that the terminology was consistent throughout the book.
  • Adherence to the checklist by using Technology Apart from preparing the technical term list, it was also important to ensure that the checklist was being followed consistently throughout the book. Since it was a comprehensive list there was a high possibility to miss out on few terms, if dealt with manually. Hence, we used our internally built advanced glossary check tool, which helped us to achieve 100% adherence to the terminology list, throughout the book.
  • Implementing a Strong Project Management System The success of this project relied on a strong project management (PM) team. The PM team ensured that they were always proactive in their approach. A dedicated Project Manager, who had complete understanding about the specifications from the beginning of the project until its completion, was assigned for the entire book. Furthermore, we had also appointed a dedicated Japanese Account manager who coordinated with Mr. Takayuki in his native language. We made sure that there was no miscommunication between the client and us and we were able to not only meet but surpass all his expectations.
  • Strong planning and tracking of the project The Project management team ensured that the project’s planning and tracking was unwavering and adhered to 100% on-time interim delivery schedule, along with the overall project deadline. Furthermore, we provided after sales service after delivery of each chapter, were we addressed any questions and additions needed by the client. The Project management team would go ahead with finalizing every chapter only after Mr. Takayuki’s approval. Implementing such measures drastically improved the translation output quality, conveying the accurate intention of the author and a native level of readability.
  • Style guide for formatting Mr. Takayuki had very specific and complex requirements in terms of formatting, for which we made a style guide internally which was then approved by him and shared with all the stakeholders of this book project. This ensured that the translated output looked exactly like the original book.
  • Additional round of in-house quality check to ensure High Quality Post the completion of the last chapter, all the chapters of the book were compiled by us and the final approval was taken from Mr. Takayuki. Additionally, a final proofreading check was completed by our expert editors and even the minutest detail regarding language and formatting was checked, thus rendering the final outcome flawless. Also, considering this was such a prestigious book project our editors with the help of our bilingual experts went a step ahead and prepared the “Table of content” for the book to help the author.
  • Long drawn after sales support Our support to Mr. Takayuki goes beyond just delivering quality translations. We believe in being available for them whenever they need us, even if we have to go out of our way to assist them. In this case, we were extensively working on the book for 2 years with the author, just to make sure all his smallest requirements are taken care of. We additionally incentivized the team for supporting Mr. Takayuki even if it meant going beyond the policies and protocols. Because when it comes to our clients, we don’t mind doing more than what we promise.

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