US-based Translation Services Company

A leading translation services company got its equity research reports translated by Ulatus Continuous guidance — Completed a historic translation project by providing our continuous support

They successfully translated 100 files from Japanese into English in 9 days. Very much impressed with the quality of work that we asked them to work on supplemental documents of this project. We feel extremely proud about the way they handled this project.

Project Summary

  • Client: One of the world’s leading translation services company
  • Service: Japanese to English translation
  • Files: Equity research reports from a leading Japanese financial services company
  • Discipline: Finance
  • Volume: Approx. 454,000 characters in 9 days
  • Translation Level: Translation only
US-based Translation Services Company


  • Delivering Translations of High Character Counts in an Extremely Short Span of Time The client had a very tight deadline of approximately 3 weeks to complete the project at their end. As a result, they requested us to translate high character counts in very short turnaround times and gave the opportunity to take up more work if we had the capacity. Since we wanted to help our client, the challenge was to outperform our existing capabilities and translate as many characters for the client.
  • Getting Subject Matter Experts On Board Considering the Short Turnaround Time The project required Finance translation from Japanese to English. Our project managers had to ensure that our subject experts in Finance were available exclusively to work on back-to-back deliveries for the project.
  • Implementing Strong Project Management On the client end, our project management team had to carefully interact with several project managers and meet the deadlines of different batch-wise deliveries. For all assignments received, there was the dual task of first collating all information and then allocating files to different subject experts for translation to meet all deadlines.

How Ulatus Overcame the Challenges?

  • Dedicating 9 Expert Translators to the Project We selected 9 of our best Finance translators to work on this project. These translators were subject matter experts and had experience working on similar Finance projects. We also selected a few more translators to ensure we had backup for any unforeseen circumstances. The first few files delivered by these translators were reviewed internally to ensure that the translators were performing as per the desired expectations. All 9 translators were picked from different time zones so that the translation could continue round the clock.
  • Implementing a Strong Project Management System The success of this project relied on our project management (PM) skills. The PM team ensured that all timelines for each and every file were met and our translators were on track with their assignments. Two PMs were assigned for this project, who carefully coordinated with all the client managers. Our managers also coordinated with all the translators and kept them on the same page with respect to client expectations and quality performance. Specific quality measures were implemented in-house to ensure consistency across the work of 9 translators.


We successfully translated 100 files from Japanese into English in 9 days. Our clients were so impressed with the quality of work that in the middle of the project, they specifically asked us to work on some remaining supplemental documents of their project.

We ranked highest in this project among many other vendors for various parameters like quality, productivity, and client servicing.

Our clients successfully completed their historic project of translating 30 million characters in few weeks. We are extremely proud of being a part of our client’s historic achievement by helping our clients in every possible way and aiming the sky as the limit.

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