Translation of a Technical Book on Supply Chain Management to Japanese

I am highly grateful to you, Ulatus. Please convey my gratitude to the linguists who had worked on this project. I wish to return to you with more requests like this.

Project Summary

  • Client: A professor at a Management Institute in Japan
  • Service: English to Japanese translation
  • Source Files: Manuscript of a book (1 file)
  • Discipline: A study on international distribution management
  • Translation Level: Translation + Translation Check
Technical book on Supply Chain Management to Japanese


The client is an author and a university professor qualified with a doctorate degree in Management studies. He authored a book on supply chain management in English. However, he wanted to amplify the reach of his book to readers in Japan and wanted to publish the same book in Japanese. At first, he tried to translate the book on his own but due to constraints in time, he couldn’t go ahead with it. Hence, he reached out to Ulatus to get his book translated from English to Japanese.


  • Accurately conveying the client’s thoughts, ideas, and feelings in the bookWhen it comes to Book Translations, it is difficult to meet the authors’ expectations by simply ensuring accuracy in the translation. It is important to assemble a team of technical experts and translators with the ability to understand the author’s perspective and intent. To overcome this challenge, we needed to work closely with the client while ensuring the client’s convenience at all times.
  • Technical Accuracy and Choice of WordsThe author was very particular about the choice and use of words for specific technical terms in the book. In order to seamlessly proceed with the translation, we had to understand the author’s preferences and word choice and ensure consistency.

How Ulatus Overcame the Challenges

  • Clearly outlining resource requirement at the start of the project and sharing the best expert options that fit client’s requirement.For book translation projects, it is crucial to appoint a dedicated translation team to ensure that every aspect of the project, from quality to operations, is well taken care of. Ulatus assembled a team of dedicated Project Manager and Linguist Lead for this project.Ulatus is equipped with a large network of 3000+ translators and a team of project management professionals. After a close analysis of the subject area, document type, and client requirements and expectations, the project lead screened and tested several translators whose expertise matched the subject area and who are experienced in the translation of similar content type. In coordination with the client, the best team of linguists was finalized and we were able to go ahead with the translation.
  • Going out of our way to dazzle client with our quality and high accuracy of translationThe client requested for Translation and Translation Check services only. However, we decided to go an extra mile for the client by implementing an additional Q&A process where our in-house quality team checked all files for accuracy and consistency before sending the files to the translation reviewer.Each step of the translation process was closely monitored to ensure the project was carried out in a timely manner. All translated files were sent to the client in batches so that they could review the quality of translation. This way, we had the assurance our services were meeting client expectations.
  • Technology-driven Quality/ Utilizing cutting-edge technology to achieve optimum output/ Using in-house proprietary tools to achieve high efficiency and accuracyOur proprietary terminology management tool helps to maintain consistency of technical terminology and achieve high efficiency and accuracy throughout the translated content. We used terminology tool in this project to ensure that all technical terminologies are accurate and the translated content was devoid of any ambiguities.Additionally, we used our own proprietary quality check tool which identified errors usually missed during human translations but gravely impacts the quality of the translated content.


  • Ulatus successfully translated all files and delivered superior quality and consistency through its exceptional and innovative efforts.
  • With its exceptional Project Management skills and commitment to client delight, Ulatus successfully completed this book translation project within the final deadline.
  • Ulatus’ efforts and quality of service were much appreciated by the client.

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