eLearning Localization Solutions for Renowned Non-Profit Biomedical Research Institute

End-to-end localization (Content Translation + Graphics Localization + Voiceover) from English to Simplified Chinese of an eLearning module on genomics

eLearning localization was something we were trying for the very first time. Hence, we could entrust Ulatus to provide us the right solution. Ulatus’ translation and localization services have been highly convenient for us and I am grateful to the entire team for being so generous and sincere towards our requirements. At this point, we can almost blindly trust them with everything. They barely needed our supervision and the result delivered was exactly what we were looking for. Honestly, what else could we ask for! Thank you, Ulatus. You’re simply the best!

Project Summary

  • Client Name: An American Non-profit Research Institute
  • Project: Localization of eLearning module
  • Language Pair: English into Simplified Chinese
eLearning Localization Solutions


The client is an independent, non-profit biomedical research institute, which has made several significant contributions for over 90 years to discover precise genomic solutions for diseases and support the global biomedical community in improving human health. It develops and shares comprehensive tools and solutions to accelerate research, data resources that amplify discovery, and educational programs that empower and connect scientists across the globe.

Project Requirements

The Research Institute provides several online learning modules in English to its global audiences, which includes graduate and post-doctoral students, research assistants, advanced undergraduate students, and animal care technicians. To make the learning more effective for its audiences in China, the client’s team decided to adapt their learning module into Simplified Chinese. China has recently emerged as the hottest country outside the US for genetic research into diseases.

This was their first project involving localization and our teams ensured to educate their team and precisely plan the entire process that goes beyond the simple translation of the words.

Project Execution

  • Using translation technology to save time and improve accuracyThe client used Storyline 360 as the authoring tool. To translate the content using our Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools, the content was imported into our Translation Management System and set up the localization workflow.
  • Bringing together a team of experienced linguists well-versed with GenomicsThe most important part of any localization project is the selection of the right linguistic team. Based on the language pair, subject area, and the linguist’s experience and nativity, we shortlisted a team of linguists who were the best match for the assignment. Once the team was finalized, we went ahead with the TEP process for the assignment.
  • Preparing transcripts and finding the perfect voice-over artistThe final translations were thoroughly reviewed and used as the transcripts for Voice over. A pronunciation list was also prepared to ensure that certain English words and technical terms were accurately pronounced. Voice samples were shared with the client to select to take into account any client preferences in tone and speech. The finalized transcripts were shared with our finalized voice-over artist along with the source audio files.
  • The final step – Synchronizing the storylineIn the final step of the project, translated content was uploaded into Storyline 360 and synchronized. To improve readability and as a part of final touch ups, the assignment was formatted with proper font selection, image placements, and synchronization of the animation and voiceover.


  • A one-stop solution for complete localization of the e-learning course, right from translation to voiceover and synchronization of the course.
  • Delivered a fully localized version of the course which could be uploaded on their LMS for their target audience in China.
  • Received excellent remarks from the client for our efforts in capturing the essence and intent of the original content in the translated course.

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