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Conquered the challenges of translation and publication of a historic book for Fukushima university Beyond expectations: Exercised excellent project management for quality work

Working with Ulatus was the best decision, as we did not have to worry about any issue. We want to thank team Ulatus for giving us their continuous support. They went out of their way to ensure that we are satisfied with the project which impressed us as well as members at the Fukushima Medical University. Thank you all once again for doing a fantastic job on this challenging project and handling it with the same passion as we felt when compiling the book.

Project Summary

  • Client: Fukushima Medical University
  • Publisher: Minpo Printing Co. Ltd.
  • Service: Japanese to English translation
  • Book Title: Fukushima: Lives on the Line - A compendium of reports from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
  • Disciplines: Medicine, Earth Science, and Physics
  • Volume: 230,000 Japanese characters
  • Translation Level: Level 3 (Translation + Translation check + Native check)
Fukushima Medical University


  • Echoing Client’s Thoughts on Empathy and Sensitivity The client did not want a mere translation service provider. They only wanted to work with a team that understood the pain caused by the catastrophic event and approached the project with sensitivity and empathy. The translation had to be heart-felt. This was client’s biggest concern. FMU had put in a lot of hard work in compiling the book and reporting as many details as possible. They expected the translation team to handle the translation project with the same passion and sensitivity. These qualities had to reflect at every step of the translation process and management.
  • Ensuring High Subject-Matter Expertise and Meeting Client Expectations The book covered reports on the earthquake, radioactivity, and various details of disaster management and medical arrangements. We had to ensure that the translators assigned to this project have suitable subject-matter expertise and understand the client expectation clearly.
  • Translating Details Accurately within Timeline While keeping the timeline in mind, we had to ensure absolute accuracy in reporting the details in the English text. The book involves a range of details right from events on the day the earthquake struck to interviews with professors, staff, students, and designated authorities. There were pictures from the hospital and other supplementary information. A thorough quality check system was needed to ensure accuracy.
  • Assisting Client with All Steps of Publishing their First English Book This was the first time that the client was using a Translation service and publishing an English book. They wanted translation as well as galley proofreading, book composition, and printing. The client wanted to introduce the book at an international event taking place in Fukushima. We had a tight schedule to translate and release the book of approx. 300 pages.

How Ulatus Overcame the Challenges?

  • Building Client’s Trust Our project manager visited Minpo Printing Co. Ltd. in Fukushima prefecture to discuss the requirements of the project and understand all the client requirements. This ensured that we were on the same page as the client for all aspects of the project translation as well as galley proofreading, composition, and printing requirements. This also gave us the opportunity to clarify any client concerns by explaining about the project management plan and expertise at Ulatus.
  • Careful Selection of Translators with Requisite Specialization as well as Sensitivity to the Project Experts from the relevant disciplines were hired for this project. An expert translator in the field of medical care, nuclear power generation, and crisis control led the project management team. We made sure that only translators with the correct approach to reflect client’s sentiments worked on the translation. The project manager spoke to all the translators explaining the significance of the project and clarifying client expectations. We needed not just an accurate translation but also a heart-felt one for this historic book.
  • Implementing In-house Quality Checks We built a strict in-house quality check system. We knew how critical an accurate translation was for sharing the sensitive information related to the Great East Japan Earthquake. Sentences, numbers, names were double-checked at each stage of translation. CAT tools were used to ensure adherence to client’s terminology list. As a final check, the project manager proofread all pages of the book. The book was again double-checked after galley proofreading and book composition.
  • Assisting Client in Every Aspect of the Project with a Dedicated Workflow We offered complete support to the client at all stages of translation and post-translation activities. We established a smooth workflow for the client to ensure that translation and galley proofreading activities are completed as per the timeline set by the client.

The English edition of "Fukushima: Lives on the line." The e-book is available
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We received positive comments from the client that the translation reflected their sentiments. This project was very dear to our heart. We wanted to assist FMU in successfully completing its mission and share with the world how FMU overcame the crisis faced from the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Minpo Printing Co. Ltd. was extremely happy with our high quality translation and support throughout the project. They had a hard time finding a translation partner who could help them translate and publish their first English book. Our objective was to outperform client expectations and support them in their mission. This was possible because of our great teamwork and goal to perform beyond client delight.

We feel great to be a part of the English edition of the historic book “Fukushima: Lives on the Line,” which is being read by many people. We successfully translated the historic book as well as completed all post-translation activities within the deadline set by the client.

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