Translation Samples


Original Document

Translated Document

A native translator who is also a subject expert translates the original document

Cross Checked Document

The translated document is then checked by a cross checker for any translation errors


  • 1[Article] When making reference to the literature of a particular subject, it must use the definite article
  • 2[Punctuation] In American English, the comma is also used before "and" in a sequence of words (also known as "Comma Oxford")
  • 3[Conciseness] This change was made to keep the conciseness of the text.
  • 4[Grammar] Fixing grammar errors: Comprise itself means 'consist of'
  • 5[Clarity] Revised to improve clarity
  • 6[Conciseness] Eliminating repetitions of the preposition "of"
  • 7[Word Choice] Choosing the most appropriate word
  • 8[Fluency] Revision made to improve the overall flow of information

Final Document

The final document is then delivered to client

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