Translation Samples

Social Philosophy

Original Document

Translated Document

A native translator who is also a subject expert translates the original document

Cross Checked Document

The translated document is then checked by a cross checker for any translation errors


  • 1[Redundancy] In this context, "still" and "currently" mean the same thing. The word was deleted to avoid redundancy.
  • 2[Word Choice] The suggested word is more appropriate in this context
  • 3[Word Choice] The word "overlaps" has a better connotation
  • 4[Conciseness] Sentence revised to remove unnecessary verbosity
  • 5[Grammar] Adding appropriate verb to fit the grammatical rules
  • 6[Word Choice] The word "elevated" is more appropriate when referring a position
  • 7[Punctuation] Correcting incorrect use of apostrophe

Final Document

The final document is then delivered to client

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