About Gods and Men: An inspirational novel
based on a True Story

Ulatus provided technology-aided Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE) service, reducing translation cost by almost 75%.

Good afternoon, I would like to first of all thank Ulatus for their impeccable service. It is my first fiction novel and I would love the opinion of someone who lives on reading and writing as this select group of professionals of this company. Thanking you in advance.

Project Summary

Book translation: About Gods and Men
  • Service name: MTPE - Book Localization
  • Language Pair: Portuguese (BR) to English
  • Book name: Sobre Deuses e Homens / About Gods and Men
  • Industry: Literature
  • Volume: 159 Pages
  • Link: https://www.amazon.com/About-Marco-Aurelio-Carvalho-Goncalves/dp/1650172591

About the company, what were their requirements and why?

This book is very close to the author, Marco Aurelio Carvalho Goncalves since every letter of this book contains authors affection for the beautiful women he had the pleasure of meeting! These are the women who somehow inspire him with their struggles, strengths, beauty, and gracefulness in this book, where he dreams their victories and happiness... And may their lives be eternal inspirations like these for poets and writers, as they have been for his life!!!

The author wanted to work with a team that understood his emotions, and those who could handle the project in bringing out his sentiments as per the native original book.

The author’s translation budget was around 50% of the actual Human Translation cost while still maintaining the highest quality.

Challenges faced by Ulatus for the project

Not a translation of a book, rather a translation of emotions and sentiments!

The author wanted to work with a team that understood his emotions and those who could handle the sentiments attached to the book. The translation had to be passionate. This was the biggest challenge. The author had poured his heart out in writing the book. He expected the translation team to handle the translation project with the same passion and sensitivity. These qualities had to reflect at every step of the translation process and management. We had to ensure that the translator assigned to this project was a dedicated specialist and understood the client’s expectations clearly.

Finding English native Literature SME linguists coupled with expertise in Book translation

For projects such as book translations, it is challenging to meet the authors’ expectations by simply ensuring preciseness in the translation. It is important to assemble a team of technical experts and translators with subject-area expertise to understand the author’s perspective and intent. We needed to work quite closely to overcome this challenge.

Judging the quality of Machine Translation

Several machine translations of the source text were evaluated so that the desired output can be achieved in terms of language accuracy and quality. The purpose of this evaluation was to understand the result that didn't appear to be too machine-dependent and was very close to human translation.

Meeting client's budget of 50% of standard translation cost

The client came to us with a specific budget, which was around 50% of the total human translation project cost. To achieve all requirements, it was necessary that the translation process needed to be amended. This called for the project management team to brainstorm ideas and provide the client with an innovative solution.

Solutions provided by Ulatus to the client

Using in-house proprietary AI tool for machine translation

Considering the client’s limited budget for this book translation project, we decided to use our own AI tool for machine translation. The output of our AI tool is not generic; hence the quality is not compromised. This tool also ensures that from a security point of view, the data does not go to a third party and remains in our organization.

Finalizing a translation team that the client approved as being an SME + passionate about the subject

For book translation projects, it is pivotal to appoint a dedicated team to ensure that every aspect of the project, from quality to operations, is supervised. Ulatus assembled a team of dedicated Project Manager and Lead Linguist for this project. Ulatus has a large network of 3000+ translators and a team of project management professionals.

After a close analysis of the subject area, and client requirements and expectations, the project manager screened and tested several translators whose expertise matched the subject area and who had experience in book translation of similar content. A high-quality graded linguist was finalized who had 20+ years of translation experience, which included MTPE experience as well. Additionally, an in-house quality expert checked all the translated chapters, and immediate feedback was shared with the linguist before the native editor proofread and finalized the chapters.

Utilizing ingenious technology to achieve the optimal quality output

Our proprietary terminology management tool helps to maintain consistency of technical terminology and achieve high efficiency and accuracy throughout the translated content. We used terminology tool in this project to ensure that all technical terminologies were accurate and the translated content was devoid of any ambiguities.

Project Overview

  • Completed the book within the client’s restricted budget & deadline
  • Used exceptional project management skills and customized solutions to achieve client delight
  • Successfully achieved consistency, accuracy, and fluency in translation
  • Client published the book and is currently for sale on Amazon across the globe
  • Client appreciated us when we asked for his feedback on the overall translation experience

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