Biggest Fashion Apparel Retail Brand

One of the world’s largest fashion companies launches their fashion line in Japan by implementing web localization project consisting of over 200,000 words.

The greatest Hallmark of a professional organization is how it delivers top quality every time. During our multiple collaborations with Ulatus, they have always delivered superb quality, met all the high-pressure deadlines, shown remarkable flexibility, communication and fulfilled all our evolving needs & specific targets. We look forward to a lot more alliances with Ulatus as they’ve proven their worth beyond a doubt.

Project Summary

Biggest Fashion Apparel Retail Brand
  • Service: Web localization
  • Language Pair: English to Japanese
  • Industry: Retail / Fashion
  • Volume: 500,000 words in scope

Project requirement

As one of the world’s largest fashion companies with more than 171,000 employees worldwide, our client's business concept is to offer fashion and quality at the best price in a sustainable way. Their group comprises of nine independent brands and they have over 4,900 stores across more than 73 markets worldwide.

When our client decided to begin this endeavour, it was seeking a language partner who could assist their design team in localising their English website content into Japanese for launching one of their popular brands. One of their key requirements was that they wanted the style and brand adaptation to be done as per the Japanese market / consumer, so that their product would connect well locally.

It was very important for the client that we work closely with their design team, copywriters to develop a Japanese style guide which can be used by the linguists while translation. Client wanted the linguists having good knowledge of fashion industry, so that would help them translate the files more freely and creatively. With our extensive network of linguists and stringent recruitment process, Ulatus was able to ensure that the client’s needs were met.


Impact localization

Since the client was launching their new brand in Japan market, localising the website was extremely critical. Therefore, each word and concept had to create an impact and fulfill the purpose of making the brand feel relatable and interactive. As a result, the client expected top-notch quality within clearly defined timelines.

Being Adaptive to client's chosen CAT tool + Subject Matter Expertise

While working on this project one of clients requirement was being well versed with their preferred CAT tool - Smartling. Not only this but we had a daunting task to make sure that enough linguists are made available for this project with marketing and fashion skillset and who can work on the chosen CAT tool within a strict timeline.

Achieving Brand localization

It was very important for us to understand clients brand and product strategy well. Client required the linguists who had good knowledge of fashion industry, so that they could translate the content more freely and creatively. They wanted us to develop the Japanese style guide keeping in mind the local brand image and consumer mindset. This style guide would need to be followed by the linguist while they translate.

Simplifying complex workflow structure

An expert project management team is always able to understand complicated workflows and simplify them without compromising on the final output quality and timelines.
Apart from the complexities of the Smartling tool, there were dozens of files which had to be translated, proofread and reviewed. The challenge was to keep the style unformity and also add transcreation in accordance to high quality. Each stakeholder in the translation process has their own style, so it was essential for the project manager to follow it not just on the live jobs, but throughout the timeline of translation and this was done merely on the basis of proper coordination.
We had proposed to the client, an idea of weekly deliveries to ensure live updates on the website. Apart from deadling with the large number of files, weekly deliveries brought up a new challenge for us. The Translation Memory got updated frequently as per the word count in the current files, thus creating a scenario for us to track the files as well as maintain consistency. The expertise and professionalism of our linguist team finally proved its worth and they provided consistent and high quality deliverable everytime.

Solution provided by Ulatus to client

We were the only vendor partner who were selected to work on a project of this quantum. It was for a very important fashion brand for women, men and kids which was launched in 2007 and the client wanted to localise their website in Japan. Ulatus had to overcome all the challenges and manage to meet all client requirements, through some of the key efforts mentioned below:

Allowing Client to participate and monitor the live project

A dedicated Project Manager was assigned to the client to coordinate with client account manager to ensure all client expectations are being taken care of. Our project managers are experts in designing workflows to allow the client to participate in the live project. This enabled the client to share round the clock feedback without any hesitation and allow us to accommodate with last-minute revisions / additions from the client. Their brand experts explained in a simple manner about each explicit detail of the company and its product that is necessary for translation.

Use of in-house linguist selection tool

Ulatus has a proprietory tool that automaticaly selects an ideal list of linguists required for the project. The selection is based on a proprietory algorithm built in our project management workflow system selecting the best, most highly skilled linguistic team and for this project we short-listed linguists with expertise in marketing and fashion.

This was not it; all the short-listed linguists had to go through a rigorous testing and selection process. The recruitment and the project management team worked together to prepare tests and fast track the entire evaluation process from the already tested pool of Ulatus' linguists. All this was managed within the timeline provided by the client.

Knowledge of Smartling - CAT tool

Smartling was the CAT tool suggested by the client for this project. One of the key strengths of Ulatus has been the knowledge of working with different CAT tools. This is the reason why a lot of clients trust Ulatus as their preferred vendor. We made sure that a team of linguists was built and trained well to have all the knowledge which was required to work with the Smartling tool. All this was accomodated within the strict timeline without any additional time requisition. Since the word count was very high, thanks to the dedicated recruitment strategy put in place, we were able to have availability of multiple linguists for doing translation and translation checking.

Live localization

It was very clear for us from the beginning of the project that due to the quantum of word count, we had to develop a process of continuous translation. Due to the large customer base the client had to come up with new product and style accessories on a daily basis for their website. We ensured this could be done via Live localization. The specialised linguistic team worked on live content in the development cycle to keep up with English updates thus eliminating the need for long string freezes or translation in big batches.


We provided Transadaptation in this project, here the final round is proof-read by our native linguist of the target language (Japanese) to improve fluency. Considering the clients expectation, transadaptation was one of the most important step as a part of the final deliverable. This is only possible when an in-house team is built to carry out such high level of critical work. Our linguistic leads who were already transcreator experts ensured that the brand localization was succesfully done. Not only this, the team also prepared a Japanese style guide for the client and in the end made sure that all their requirements were adhered to.

Solution summary

  • Agile project management helping client to be a part of live locaisation process ensuring a seamless coordinated effort among all departments involved
  • Incorporated all product specific and localization nuances with our transadaptation approach
  • Exceeded expectations for achieving the best quality while meeting tight deadlines
  • Helped client to meet their go-live plans of the localised website on time and keeping the brand image intact.

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