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A Multi-Language, AI & Big Data Services Provider

Successfully completed 330,000+ Korean words in 4 weeks by leveraging Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE) service for a LSP based in South Korea.

We checked the translations and found the deliverables to be acceptable. We do not have any concerns with the quality of the deliverables.

Project Summary

A Multi-Language, AI & Big Data Services Provider

  • Language Pair: Korean to English
  • Specialization: Media & Communication
  • Volume: 330,000+ Korean words
  • Service: Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE)
  • Timeline: 4 weeks

About the company, what were their requirements, and why?

Our client, a machine learning and natural language processing company, is a domestic representative company with the original technologies in the 4th Industrial Revolution dedicated to developing AI and big data technologies since its establishment. The company also develops big data processing systems, big data computing systems, and other artificial intelligence systems.

Our client has accumulated and capitalized over 15 billion big data, has launched innovative products continuously, and has made efforts to extend its business abroad to develop algorithm-based AI and big data technologies and secure global competitiveness in AI business. Their efforts have led to 118 technology and patent applications (including PCT), 61 registered patents, 145 registered software, and a high sales growth of over 20% every year.

Our client is an LSP and needed MTPE service for a mammoth government project. Since the TAT of the project could not have been met internally by them, they were looking for a translation partner.

Challenges faced by Ulatus for the project

Government of Korea project - nothing can go wrong!

Our client required a high-quality partner for a Korean language translation project for their end client, a government body.This crucial government project required a highly experienced and reliable translation company with strong infrastructure and up-to-date technology.

Race against time - 330,000+ Korean words in just 4 weeks

The turnaround time of this high volume project was a short window of four weeks. Our client required half of the total volume to be translated as a provisional delivery, which was due within 2 weeks from the start date. Every minute was vital.

The source texts were news posts that were primitive and had to be meticulously translated, keeping in mind that the translations are true to their original diction.

Achieving high quality using machine translation with a limited budget

This was a government project, and the budget received from the client was limited. Our Project Management (PM) team faced the challenge of utilizing every minute and the budget effectively while engaging in different aspects of handling the MTPE for the news posts.

Solution provided by Ulatus to the client

Combining cutting edge AI and human expertise

We selected a team of 5 excellent linguists to work on this project. Only those specializing in MTPE with more than 10 years of experience were appointed. A few linguists were also selected to serve as backups in case any of the 5 linguists were not available due to unforeseen circumstances.Ulatus also used their advanced technology in-house proprietary tools for Machine Translation to achieve Optimum Quality output.

'Maker-Checker' model for Project Management

Tests were conducted with respective linguists before onboarding and aligning them to this project, so their competence in terms of subject matter and understanding the machine translation quality and its improvement was considered.

We adopted a “maker-checker” model for this project to ensure that nothing was missed due to the strict deadline. Our PM team checked each step of the process and made sure that the project was on track. The linguists made sure that every news post was thoroughly checked and edited.

Simplifying the project lifecycle

A project lead was assigned, who used traditional project management methods and technology to manage this project. The project lead not only ensured that the project lifecycle was simplified but also made sure that consistent checks were performed on the quality being provided before delivery.

Project Overview

  • With excellent project management experience and commitment to our quality standards, we successfully achieved high accuracy and fluency in this super express project.
  • Adapted all client requirements and attained 100% client delight.
  • Ensured the project was successfully delivered within the designated time frame.
  • Established an excellent relationship with the client that helped us achieve more similar government projects.

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