Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils

Overcoming Unique Hurdles to translate a renowned American Author’s book – and swiftly transforming it from error-ridden to perfectly publication-ready

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Project Summary

Book Localization
  • Service name: Book Localization
  • Language Pair: English to Russian
  • Book name: Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils
  • Industry: Health and Nutrition
  • Volume: 160 pages

Background & Project Requirement

Dr. Carolyn L. Mein is a nationally acclaimed American Author and Health and Nutrition Expert. Following the success of her book – Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils – in America, she decided to translate and launch her book in Russia at an event in April 2020. This was crucial as she wanted her book to be accessible to her large Russian fan-base at the earliest.

Dr. Mein and her project manager, Myke Wolf, were left disappointed after their first attempt at translation. The initial translation was costly, incomplete & of poor quality. Hence they had to ensure that their next translation partners give them a top-class final product within the restricted time & budget.

Big Challenges

Handling a Partly Translated & Poor Quality Content

Though the book was already partially translated, the bad quality of translation meant we had to redo everything from scratch to ensure Dr. Mein’s book’s essence isn’t compromised at all. We had to maintain consistency, style, tone & have a high-quality easy-to-read translation within a restricted budget.

Keeping Client’s Brand Image Flawless

Dr. Mein is popular in Russia and a badly translated book would surely have adversely affected her popularity. With a large Russian following, it was crucial that the translation is impeccable and pleases every reader. As the book dealt with a specific - Health and Nutrition - theme, it was essential that all of Dr. Mein’s recommendations are presented accurately to ensure the readers do exactly what’s required of them & benefit immensely.

Creating Desktop Publishing and Cover Design without Source Files

Book formatting & finalization is, by nature, a challenging task. The complexities were magnified as we had a large number of charts, diagrams and tables to translate & localize without any source files. Even the cover design came without a source file. Overcoming all these roadblocks required an amalgamation of professionalism with the expertise to meet a sharp deadline without compromising on the quality.

How Ulatus Overcame All the Challenges

English and native Russian linguists join forces to deliver the best quality

As we were working on a partially & poorly translated book, we decided to have a preview team in place to review the samples translated by our expert team that included a translator, checker, an editor, final reviewer and visual design expert. It was a top team of English and Russian Language and DTP experts. The final product exceeded the client’s highest expectations.

Retaining Consistency in style while localizing the book

Each stakeholder had a unique style making it essential for the project manager to keep a close check on the consistency throughout the process. This was achieved by maintaining cohesive coordination with the stakeholders. A project lead was specifically assigned to facilitate proper coordination between operations and client, avoiding any delays and all last minute requests were met comprehensively.

Maintaining the Brand Image without the Author’s Active Involvement

The client was extremely happy with the sample translation & review we shared. She instantly gave us the green light to carry out a final review independently. This was a huge responsibility but we had both the skills and expertise of our team of linguists to accomplish this tough task. And we were right! The client was delighted with the final version and is in discussion to employ us to translate her book in Spanish and Japanese.

Final review to ensure the Book connects with the Russian readers perfectly

Presentation is the key to book localization so that the reader connects with it. Dr. Mein is well-known in Russia and we had to ensure her image got bolstered even further. Therefore, we didn’t leave any stone unturned.

The expert team kept the consistency and quality ideal even with the strict timeline. Having a Native Russian specialist on board helped us succeed at enhancing Dr. Mein’s brand image beyond the American shores.

Solution Summary

  • Delivered a publication-ready, top-quality book in Russian.
  • Overcame all the unique challenges and got everything right in the first attempt.
  • Completed the final book within the client’s restricted budget & sharp deadline.
  • Enhanced Dr. Mein’s reputation in Russia & we’re now looking forward to translating her book in Spanish and Japanese.

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