A premier provider of investor event coverage throughout the Asia Pacific region

Combining machine translation output with the expertise of a professional translator, 16000+ characters of quarterly financial briefings successfully completed in less than 12 hours.

We appreciate your support in compliance with our several style guides. We chose your company because we knew you had abundant human resources. And also we expected you could give us flexible support, so we had decided to use your company.

Project Summary

Casestudy Investor Event

  • Service name: MTPE
  • Language Pair: Japanese to English
  • Industry: Economics, Finance
  • Volume: 16,000+ characters in less than 12 hours

About the company, what were their requirements and why?

Our client's company was formed in 2017 with ambitions to become the premier provider of investor event coverage throughout the Asia Pacific. In partnership with the world's largest financial newspaper, with a daily circulation exceeding three million, our client's mission is to bolster corporate disclosure and transparency for their Asian corporate partners while also providing the opportunity for listed companies to showcase their most important financial updates to existing and prospective shareholders.

Together as a team, they are the first service provider to gain permission to attend domestic investor events such as earnings meetings, analyst briefings, and shareholder meetings. From these events, they produce comprehensive English and local language transcripts, in addition to a database of event statistics – all within a timeframe of 24 hours.

Our client was looking for a translation company that can provide MTPE service and deliver 16,000+ characters in less than 12 hours. The client was using another translation company but was not satisfied with the quality. The documents were financial result briefings of every quarter, and the client was looking for accuracy of the financial terms. Post Editing (PE) had to be done on the client's machine-translated output, and the client had also provided PE guidelines.

Challenges faced by Ulatus for the project

Looking for a quality translation partner, after having burned their fingers

Having had a poor first encounter with their translation partner, our client was looking for translation companions that ought to meet high-quality benchmarks and guarantee consistency in the machine-translated report. Ulatus was expected to meet the client’s high-quality benchmark.

Handling 16,000+ characters within 12 hours

Our client, being a premier provider of investor event coverage, wanted to cross-check the machine-translated output of the financial result briefings of their client and then edit as per the style guidelines provided. This MTPE project required a bilingual financial expert, reviewer, and native editor to work on the high word count of 16,000+ characters and deliver it in a rushed timeline of 12 hours.

Also, the project demanded post-editing of machine-translated financial reports from Japanese to English. Our project lead had to make sure that our subject experts in Finance were available only to work on this high-paced project.

Maintaining and managing clients style guideline and glossary

The client, being very particular about the style and tone of the report, provided us the style guideline and glossary, which they wanted us to follow. Style guidelines consisted of instructions on how the numerical, currency, fractions, decimals, and fiscal values should be written along with the instructions for comma-separated units. The glossary consisted of proper names of the companies mentioned in the source text report and had to be followed strictly.

Knowing that this was a financial report, we had to work exceptionally closely with the translation team to screen the consistency of the deciphered content.

Using the client's machine translation engine

The client wanted us to use their machine translation engine to generate the output for Post Editing. The client's instructions needed to be followed at every step while generating the Machine Translation output to ensure numerical, currency, fractions, decimals, and fiscal values were accurate.

Solution provided by Ulatus to the client

Extensive testing and dry run sessions conducted on client's Machine Translation (MT)

The client wanted us to use their MT engine and portal for delivery. A dry run testing was conducted on the client’s MT and client’s portal with the help of our technical and subject experts before the start of the main project. This ensured there were no loopholes in the live assignment. The technical expert got accustomed to the client's MT engine and portal, after which the Project Management (PM) team was trained.

Additional Quality Check

Considering the importance of this project, an additional quality check step was implemented. Our in-house quality expert assessed the Post Editing file for accuracy and consistency before sending it to the native editor.

Use of multiple experienced linguists with subject matter expertise

The deadline stipulated by the client was challenging for the volume to be processed. This required the formation of multiple linguists’ team. A team of 3 linguists was shortlisted based on language pair, subject expertise, and experience that were compatible with this project. All 3 linguists had an experience of more than 10 years in translating financial documents. We also selected a few more translators as a backup for any unforeseen circumstances. All translators were selected from different time zones so that the translation could continue unobstructed.

Keeping consistency in technical terms and uniformity in style

The use of in-house technology, together with a bilingual quality expert, ensured consistency of technical terms and application of style throughout the project. Ulatus’ proprietary terminology tool ensured that technical terms were accurately checked without any ambiguities. Our subject expert educated and trained the linguists on the client's guidelines.

Seamless Communication and effective Project Management were key drivers

The client was unhappy with the quality of the vendor they were using and hence turned to Ulatus. Considering this as an opportunity, Ulatus utilized a PMO Implementation Model developed over many years of experience. After conducting the scope assessment considering project management maturity and competency, we converted our findings into actionable tasks grouped by actions to be taken in the short period of the project lifecycle. We customized a project management methodology for the client’s project that comprised of traditional project management and technology.

A project lead was assigned, who was in a position to simplify the process and manage the stakeholders, and ensure the delivery was on track while retaining a consistent check on the quality being provided.

Solution Summary

  • Delivered a publication-ready, high-quality financial report in English
  • Ensured that the project was delivered within the stipulated timeframe
  • Developed an excellent relationship with the client that helped us gain more business
  • Strict adherence to guidelines provided by the client and provided the best quality translation on client provided machine translation

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