Translation of a medical book on Pediatric Dentistry
from Italian to English

Vanquished the challenges of translation and publication of a medical book for EDRA Publishing

EDRA Publishing was satisfied with our translation & book publishing services which will help them market their products and services better in the future.

Project Summary

Medical Book Translation & publication for EDRA Publishing
  • Type: Service Name: Book Translation
  • Language Pair: Italian to English
  • Industry: Dentistry & Medicine
  • Book Name: Pediatric Dentistry 2nd Ed.
  • Volume: 552 Pages (145,602 Words)
  • Link:

About the company, what were their requirements? And, why?

EDRA - LSWR Group is a multinational group focused on imbibing professional knowledge in medical communities. EDRA aims to provide value-adding and innovative solutions for the healthcare industry. It has over 300 skilled professionals, operations in 5 countries, and markets its products and solution in 65 countries worldwide.

Challenges faced by Ulatus for the project

Custom-made solutions to meet client specifications

Our translation services needed to be altered as per the client's specific requirements regarding the quality of translation, turnaround time, and budget. We had to brainstorm concepts and ingenious ideas to provide a workflow that caters to the client's specifications.

Providing high subject-matter expertise

We provide our clients with two sets of trial translations at the initial stage for book translation projects. Then, the clients decide on the team they want to proceed with. However, no trials were done for this important medical book translation due to the rushed delivery timelines.

Stringent adherence to interim deadlines

This project consisted of multiple files; hence the client wanted us to deliver the project in tranches to facilitate the book launch. Therefore, meticulous planning and strict adherence to deadlines was essential for the entire project lifecycle.

Enforcing robust project management

The project management team had to ensure that all the client requirements were met. To deliver perfection, multiple translators, checkers, editors, quality experts had to come together to handle operations and ensure top-notch quality. Also, the client requested a change from the initially confirmed schedule and the introduction of new files for the scope of translation. It was a huge challenge to bring such a large group of specialists together and finish the assignment within the requested timeline.  

Assisting client with all steps from translation to keeping the book ready-to-publish

The client wanted translation as well as two rounds of proofreading, DTP assistance, and indexing. Maintaining the formatting consistency of the translated files with the source file was a key requirement. We had a tight schedule to solve and keep the book ready-to-publish.

Designed an organized workflow to stimulate the Italian book translation process

To exquisitely execute this project, we had to facilitate smooth communication among the stakeholders involved in this project. Our translation management system ensured all parties could work simultaneously to avoid any ambiguities or loopholes in the project.

Thoughtful selection of translators from the medical domain with vital specialization as well as vulnerability to the project

We hired experts from the medical domain for this project. An expert translator in the field of dentistry, pediatrics, and medicine led the linguist team. The project manager briefed all the translators, explained the project's significance, and clarified client expectations. For this project, we made sure that translators with book translation experience worked on the translation.

Assigned a dedicated project management lead and quality lead 

The project management lead monitored the use of resources and timely interim deliveries of the project. The lead also ensured there were no delays and all last-minute changes and updates were taken care of. The quality lead ensured that client's expectations regarding quality were met, and all corrections were made in a timely manner by carrying out all responsibilities with zero compromises on the quality.

Client-first approach

We offered our complete support to the client at all stages of translation and post-translation activities. We created a smooth workflow for the client to ensure that translation and two rounds of proofreading activities were completed as per the timelines set by the client.

Showcased our desktop publishing expertise, including indexing

Over the years, we have successfully built an in-house team of DTP experts. So, meeting the client's demand regarding the format same as original, working on InDesign files and indexing was possible within the allotted time. We believe in having efficient and robust control internally over all aspects involved in the translation lifecycle.

Project Overview

  • The project was delivered within the stipulated deadline, the translated book is now published and available for purchase globally.
  • EDRA Publishing was extremely happy with our high quality translation and support throughout the project.
  • Our efforts and client delight helped us gain the client’s confidence and a few more book translation projects.

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