A leading global financial group partners with Ulatus to translate their commodity reports every month to deliver to their end customers

The most appreciable feature of Ulatus’s work is they treat each translation with a project management approach, making it successful. In addition to providing professional translation with correct finance terms, I always receive a translation that matches the original layout. Ulatus can deliver in emergency turnaround time situations and leverages prior translations.

Project Summary

Translation of Commodity reports
  • Language pair: English to Japanese
  • Specialization: Commodity Markets
  • Document Type: Translation of Commodity reports
  • Volume: 5000 - 7000 words
  • Frequency: Once in a month

About the company, what were their requirements and why?

As one of the world’s leading financial groups with total assets of approximately $3.1 trillion(USD), our client offers services such as corporate investment, commercial and consumer banking, as well as transaction banking, securities, wealth management, and more. The group is built on over 360 years of financial experience and delivered through a global network spanning more than 50 countries & regions. In their steadfast commitment to serving businesses and society by building long-term relationships, they strive daily to earn trust and focus on the future.

The client was looking for a translation partner who could accurately translate their commodity reports every month so that they could deliver these reports to their customers’ post-translation.

Challenges we faced during the project

Assembling a skilled linguistic team

Commodity reports are the most comprehensive Consensus Forecast reports on raw materials available in the market. It comprises quarterly and yearly commodity price projections. Translation of such reports requires high accuracy, as any incorrect translation can incite damage to the investors and ruin the client’s reliability. Thus, translators need to be highly specialized and attentive to handle the technical terms and well aware of the market trends to translate the report accurately.

Aligning a fixed translator

Our client required the translation of their Commodity reports every month. Hence, aligning the same translator every time was critical to making the perfect Client – Translator combination.

Maintaining language consistency and terminology was a key factor

Given that the client had not shared any glossary/technical term list, it was pivotal that the financial terms and usage of numerical, currency, and fiscal values are consistent and strictly adhered to, considering the nature of the report.

Solution provided by us to the client

Customized approach to designate the translation team

It is paramount that the translation of commodity reports requires accuracy. If the ‘information’ or ‘data’ is translated incorrectly, there will be financial implications. To ensure that the client’s expectations are met, we provided 2 sets of trial translations to the client, each with different stakeholders involved. Every translator has a unique translation style; thus, we provided the client with a choice to select the version that best suits their linguistic sensibility. Our client then chose the translation team considering subject matter expertise, fluency, language, grammar, technical word choice, and other translation criteria.

Domain-specific experience

The translation team selected by the client included professionals with a rich experience in the commodities sector. The lead linguist was an Economist with an experience of over 20 years of working with various financial institutions across the globe. This enabled Ulatus to provide an accurate and cohesive translation with correct terminology.

Stringent quality checks to maintain consistency and terminology

It was vital to achieving the highest accuracy; hence, Ulatus put together a strict in-house quality check system. We developed a comprehensive style guide and glossary, which helped maintain uniformity across terms used and language tone across all assignments we translated. Using CAT tools, translation memories were created with every new assignment, and they were updated with new terms. Ulatus' in-house quality expert proofreads all documents and ensured consistency across all technical and financial translations.

Project Overview

  • Utilizing a project management-focused methodology and a pre-defined dedicated glossary, Ulatus maintained consistency and uniformity in terminology, resulting in high-quality financial translations from English into Japanese.
  • The translation was technically accurate and met the standards the client was looking for
  • Ensured client delight with our top-class prompt service approach and zero complaints to date.

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