The largest International bank

Financial Report Translation Delivery within 3 hours, thrice a month, for 3+ years, for one of the largest International bank.
Successfully delivered high-quality translation in less than 3 hours.

I was impressed with the quality of the translation. Good strategy and planning achieved this most critical work.

Project Summary

The largest International bank
  • Language pair: Japanese to English
  • Specialization: Finance
  • Document Type: Translation of Capital Market reports
  • Volume: 2500+ characters
  • Service: Only Translation
  • Timeline: 3 hours
  • Frequency: Thrice in a month, for 3+ years

About the company, what were their requirements and why?

Our client, a top international bank, offers debt financing, risk management and trading solutions to customers. They operate from trading hubs in London, Amsterdam, Singapore and Stamford, and have sales offices across key locations in the UK, Europe, the US and Asia. They are well-capitalized with stable loss-absorbing capacity and their investment-grade credit ratings reflect a high-quality asset mix and strong balance sheet.

They help customers manage their financial risks and achieve their short-term and long-term financial goals, while navigating changing markets and regulation.

Client was looking for a translation partner who could quickly and accurately translate their financial reports as soon as they are published. Since the client had to deliver these reports to their customers post translation, they were looking for a service provider who would give translated reports in a faster turnaround time.

Challenges faced for the project

Super Rush translation service required in 3 hours flat

Our client wanted us to deliver the translation of their financial report within 3 hours. Project Management team had to plan, strategize and overcome all challenges considering the turnaround time, accuracy and execution.

Had to keep an eye on Accuracy & Agility

Translation of financial market reports requires high accuracy as any incorrect translation can cause enormous damage to the investors and demolish the client’s image. Thus, the translator needed to be highly specialized and focused to handle the technical terms to accurately translate new trends and developments in less than 3 hours.

Client-Translator Fixed Mapping

Since this is a repeat project and comes almost thrice every month, it was important to have the same linguist aligned every time to make the perfect Client-Translator fixed mapping.

Maintain client's style guidelines and technical terms

Our client was very particular about the style of the report. They provided us the style guidelines, which consisted of instructions on how the numerical, currency, and fiscal values should be written. The technical term list consisted of financial terms, which had to be strictly adhered to considering the nature of the report.

Solution provided by Ulatus to client

Appointed a financial expert linguist

We have a massive network of freelance translators who are located around the globe. Translators with experience in securities firms or financial consultancies and in financial translation were given tests and the top performer was selected to work on the client’s file. The linguist selected was a qualified financial expert with a rich experience of 30+ years in financial industry. Along with this the linguist also had a very high translation speed with precision.

Showcased finance domain subject matter expertise

Linguist selected for this client not only had 30+ years of experience in finance domain but worked with big financial companies such as Nomura Securities, Tokyo-Mitsubishi Securities, and Bloomberg etc. The linguist has been a guest speaker and commentator on Reuters TV and CNBC commenting on the Japanese economy and financial market. The linguist had an extensive experience in translating and editing credit and company reports. Occasional quotes have also been provided by this linguist in finance related media reports such as Dow Jones Wire Service, Reuters, Bloomberg, Australian Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Asian Wall Street Journal, and Financial Times.

Utilized in-house technology for technical terms implementation

Our proprietary terminology tool ensured that technical terms were accurately checked without any ambiguities. The use of in-house technology, together with a bilingual quality expert, ensured application of style guidelines throughout the file.

Flawless SPOC model execution with “0” complaints to date

Considering the brisk turnaround time, we customized our workflow and introduced a SPOC model, which served as a common link between the client and the linguist. We ensured that the SPOC was always proactive in the approach and had a complete understanding of the specifications from the initiation of the project until its delivery. Implementing strong project management techniques, right from receiving the file from the client to PM execution considering Translator’s speed & accuracy with high quality, we furnished a flawless final outcome in less than 3 hours.

Project Overview

  • Delivered a publication-ready, high-quality financial report translated from Japanese to English.
  • Most critical part being ensuring the file was delivered within the stipulated timeframe of 3 hours.
  • Ensured client delight with our top class prompt service approach. They have been working with us for the past 3 years, and we have received zero complaints to date.

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