Japan Government Regulation Authority

Ulatus Provided Translation Solutions for a Japan Government Regulation Authority Responsible for the Regulation and Enforcement of Nuclear Power Legislation

Ulatus surmounted the hurdles of a complicated and highly technical project by using state-of-the-art translation technologies, a translation methodology, translation glossaries, and a custom-made workflow strategy. The client's expectations were met right from the first project as we did not receive any complaint regarding the quality.

Project Summary

Japan Government Regulation Authority
  • Service Name: Translation
  • Language Pair: Japanese ↔ English
  • Industry: Nuclear Engineering, Legal and Law
  • Volume:
    English to Japanese - 600,000+ words
    Japanese to English - 375,000+ characters

About the company, what were their requirements and why?

Ulatus' client is a Government Regulation Authority, and its major interest is in the operation and safety of Japan's extensive nuclear power facilities. Their prime objective is to emphasize public safety and foster a strong safety culture at nuclear power plants. They also govern the civilian use of radioactive materials to offer reasonable assurance of proper public health and safety protection, improve common security and defense, and safeguard the environment. Furthermore, this regulatory authority ensures that everyone involved in nuclear operations is held to high standards of accountability, ethics, and a determination to attain the highest levels of global safety. This government agency's main purpose is to protect the general public and the environment by enforcing strict and dependable nuclear activity standards.

It sought a translation partner who could correctly interpret its documents pertaining to Japan's various nuclear power plants' operation and functioning, and the agreements regarding its usage.

Challenges faced by Ulatus for the project

Knowledge in nuclear engineering was a precondition

One of the fundamental aspects of this project was the subject matter expertise. We had to appoint a team of linguists with excellent knowledge and an extensive experience working on content related to nuclear engineering. The client wanted Ulatus to assure consistency and avoid any incorrect local transformation.

Achieving technical accuracy and phraseology with zero margins or errors

Since the documents were technical, it was vital that the correct engineering and legal terminology be used throughout translation. There was no margin for errors. Accuracy & precision were crucial, as even minor mistakes might have severe ramifications.

Massive responsibility on Ulatus to make-or-break this government drive

Our client required a trustworthy and experienced translation partner to manage the complicated translation of nuclear plant operations and different legal agreements/contracts. It is an annual project where the government body used the translated materials to communicate their various safety measures undertaken to other regulatory agencies worldwide.

Obtaining top-notch quality with limited fundings

Being a government body, the client had a limited and constrained budget. So, Ulatus had to effectively utilize every minute and the budget to complete the entire translation with several stakeholders and deliver a translated product of exquisite quality.

Solution provided by Ulatus to the client

Provided trial translation to handpick the translation team

Ulatus provided a trial translation of 3 sets to the client, each with various stakeholders involved. The client's needs were unique, and an experienced team was necessary to manage the job. The outcome and selection of the translation team were based on the output of these trial translations. Before starting the project, the client's consent was taken on the translation team. We ensured that our client had the liberty to handpick their ideal team of translators/checkers/editors considering fluency, language, grammar, technical word choice, and other translation criteria.

Industry-specific experience

The handpicked teams by the client included professionals with prior experience in nuclear engineering translations and hands-on experience in nuclear power plants. Some linguists were retired personnel who had overseen the entire operation of the power plant and were in charge of its management. All the linguists were PhD holders and had industry experience of more than 20 years enabling Ulatus to use the correct terminologies while translating the required documents.

Multidisciplinary subject specialization

Some of the requested documents demanded multidisciplinary expertise in engineering as well as law. Ulatus aligned the required specialists skilled in nuclear laws with the help of a fairly large and diverse database of experts. It assisted with the accurate translation of agreements and contracts. The dedicated project manager spoke to all the translators illustrating the essence of the project and setting client expectations.

Executing stringent quality checks

Ulatus put together a strict in-house quality check system. It was imperative to achieve highest accuracy as the translation was for sharing sensitive information related to documents regarding the operation and functioning of Japan's various nuclear power plants and the agreements with respect to their usage. Therefore, Ulatus double-checked the sentences and technical terms at each translation stage. The CAT tools were used to ensure adherence to the client's terminology list. Glossaries and translation memories were created with every new project, and they were updated with new terms. Ulatus ensured consistency and maximize efficiency across all technical and legal translations. As a final check, Ulatus' in-house quality expert proofread all documents, which were again doubled-checked by the project manager.

Add project overview

  • Ensured a smooth, coordinated effort among all stakeholders engaged in the translation process, from the client servicing team specifying needs to the project management team delivering them.
  • Ulatus was able to deliver around 60+ projects without a single quality complaint by employing highly skilled and experienced domain experts for high-quality translation output.
  • Ulatus was able to get business from the client for two years in a row due to high-quality output and competence in managing specialized subject areas.
  • Employeed linguists with more than 20 years of experience for subject specialization in nuclear engineering.

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