Global Book Alliance

Ulatus partners with Global Book Alliance to further the global cause of educational opportunities for
children by translating books for free.

With the benefit of Ulatus’s translation services, the Global Digital Library can now make even more online titles accessible to children and the youth and increase the diversity of languages in which the books are offered. We look forward to a long and productive partnership serving readers worldwide.

Project Summary

Global Book Alliance
  • Service: Book Localization as part of CSR
  • Languages: English to Hindi, Bengali, Nepali, Vietnamese, Thai, Bahasa(Indonesia), Spanish, French (European), and Arabic
  • Specialization: Children's education
  • Volume: 12000 words
  • Service: Translation + Editing + Proofreading
  • Industry: Publication of children's books (

About the company, what were the requirements? And, why?

The Global Book Alliance is a partnership of donor agencies, multilateral institutions, and civil society organizations that are committed to bringing books to every child in the world by 2030. The Alliance was formed in 2018 in order to bring together global education partners to end illiteracy through a coordinated effort to shape the book market to better address the growing book gap challenge. They want to translate as many books as possible for children's who can access it from any part of the world.

Challenges we faced during this project

Adapting to the client’s portal for translation along with specialized expertise

One of the client’s core requirements was working on their portal for translation. As these were learning books for children, we had to ensure that the right pool of translators was selected. This is because the translation has to be interactive and interesting for children and also ensure adaptability. Hence, this localization project also required specialized expertise in the fields of children's education.

Maintaining the essence of poetry in the target language

This project also required the translation of poetry from English to various languages. Hence it was important that we selected a translator who had native language proficiency and the ability to translate poems without altering their essence.

Delivering translation of 10 books per month

The client wanted us to complete the translation of 10 books per month. We had to work on ensuring proper planning and delivery in a phased manner so that the quality review and finalization could be done on time. This was a challenging task since all the processes had to be completed on the client’s portal.

Solution provided by us to client

Knowledge of the client’s portal for translation

The client wanted us to use our portal for this project. Being one of the leading LSPs globally, Ulatus had the technical knowledge of working on different tools across the globe. The client shared a detailed manual of the tool, and we ensured that the translation team was well-equipped with the required knowledge to work on the client’s portal. The Project Manager at Ulatus took the lead in training the translation team with 24X7 support.

Aligning experienced translators for children's books

Precise selection of the translation team was made by using an AI-powered in-house linguist selection tool. Linguists who were experts in the field of education with 10+ years of experience in translation were selected. They also had 5+ years of teaching experience with various schools.

Maintaining the quintessential essence of children's books for better interaction

Since the books were being translated into nine different languages, we had to concentrate and focus on key elements like maintaining the essence of a kid’s book. Also, we ensured that the translation quality was top-class and connected well with the intended reader base.

Selecting the right linguists with the required subject matter expertise was the key to the success of this project. Since the theme of these books was meant for children only, the translation had to be articulated well to ensure the style, tone, and overall quality was maintained across nine different languages.

Project Overview

  • A CSR initiative by Ulatus to provide free translations of books for children in developing countries, to uphold the cause of right to education for all children around the globe.
  • Proper scheduling and planning coupled with the knowledge of the client’s portal for translation resulted in optimum output.
  • Seamless communication and coordination was key in meeting the client's overall satisfaction.
  • It was imperative to not only employ the right translators with expertise in the field of education, but also ensure that they keep the essence of children's books intact in the target language.

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