(ISC)² - The world’s leading cybersecurity professional organization partners with Ulatus to localize its information security certification exam content.

Ulatus provided exam questionnaire localization into 7 languages for one of their popular
& leading cybersecurity certification courses.

Localizing exam questionnaire always poses challenges like confidentiality & data security. Despite this, the team at Ulatus fulfilled all the requirements requested by (ISC)² and successfully translated the content for their flagship cybersecurity certification into seven languages.

Project Summary

  • Type: Exam questionnaire localization
  • Language Pair: English to Simplified Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, & Spanish
  • Service type: Translation, Editing & Proof Reading
  • Word count: 27000
  • Website: https://www.isc2.org/
  • Industry: Cybersecurity & Information Security

About the company, what were their requirements? And, why?

(ISC)² was founded in 1989 as the International Information System Security Certification Consortium, Inc. The founders realized the need for standardization and certification in the cybersecurity industry. Since then, the founders and the members of (ISC)² have been shaping the information security profession. Several professional organizations formed the consortium to create a global information security certification process for professionals and address the need for a standardized curriculum for the burgeoning profession. The initial groups that joined together to form (ISC)² included: the Canadian Information Processing Society, the Computer Security Institute, the Data Processing Management Association (two special interest groups), Idaho State University, the Information Systems Security Association, and the International Federation for Information Processing. (ISC)² is committed to helping its members learn, grow, and thrive. More than 150,000 certified members strong; they empower professionals who touch every aspect of information security.

(ISC)² approached Ulatus for localizing the exam questionnaire for the cybersecurity certification course in seven languages; English to Simplified Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, & Spanish. The content was highly sensitive and confidential. It had to be translated with the utmost care by following all data security and process flow guidelines given by the client.

Challenges faced by Ulatus for the project

Localizing highly confidential exam questionnaire on a secured client translation platform

The nature of this project was different from the regular localization assignments that we have been doing. We had to work on highly confidential data for this project, which had to be localized securely in seven languages; English to Simplified Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, & Spanish. Our linguists had to work on the client's localization platform due to the sensitive nature of the information. Once onboard, the linguist had to go through a secured two-way authentication process to access this information. 

Experience in cybersecurity & information security was a must 

Subject matter expertise was one of the key factors for this project. We had to choose linguists with a good knowledge and an experience of working on the cybersecurity/ information security content. The client was very particular that the style and tone of each local language had to be intact to ensure consistency and avoid any mistranslation or incorrect local adaptation.

Rigorous data security measures had to be fulfilled by the linguistic team

Considering the sensitive nature of the project, the client requested for specific security measures to be taken before we started the project. It included thorough checks of the linguists assigned to this project, a two-step authentication before any information is accessed, and no copying or downloading of any content was allowed. All the measures had to be fulfilled by our linguistic team before commencing the localization work.

Impeccable quality was one of the key requirements

Localizing content in different languages has its challenges, and a thorough review process must be in place. In this project, we were translating an exam questionnaire into seven languages, which millions of students globally would access. We had to ensure that our linguists were briefed well about this project and understood the implications of any quality-related issues. Our Project Management team had to ensure that the linguists were getting real-time feedback and incorporated the suggested changes simultaneously to resolve the problems immediately. 

Solution provided by Ulatus to client

We provided (ISC)² with exam questionnaire localization service into seven languages for one of their popular & leading cybersecurity certification courses. 

The client's requirements were met through the key efforts mentioned below. 

Assigned language experts in the cybersecurity and information security domains

The core part of any localization project is the selection of the linguistic team. For this project, we utilized our central freelancer database and selection methodology algorithm to form a perfect set of linguists with the required subject matter expertise in cybersecurity and information security domains. Post selection, we had to get a thorough evaluation of the linguists done. It was a necessary step as the team would be translating sensitive exam-related information. The Ulatus Project Management team had to train the selected linguists on using the client's proprietary localization platform with the help of demo videos.

Our team worked on a highly secure exam-based platform, ensuring no data leakage

Due to the sensitive nature of the project involving confidential exam questionnaire content, the linguists carried out the translation and review work on client's localization tool called Exam Developer. Our Project Management team worked with the client's IT team to assist the linguistic team with a two-step authentication process and fulfill all the data security measures and provisions set out by the client before starting the translation work. 

Achieved top-notch quality by maintaining local tone and consistency across all seven languages

Quality is one of the essential and critical elements of any localization project, especially while translating content in seven different languages. There was no reviewer at the client's side in this project, so we had to be extra vigilant with our translation quality. The content to be translated was an exam questionnaire for one of their flagship certification programs. We had to maintain the style and consistency in every language, ensuring that it did not lead to any mistranslation or incorrect local adaptation. The exam developer platform consisted of separate sections for translation and review, which helped with the localization workflow.

Left no stone unturned to achieve the desired outcome and client satisfaction

Right from the coordination between the client, the sales team, the linguists, and the project management team to ensuring that every stage of the localization workflow such as translation, review, editing, etc., was carried out seamlessly. The most important aspect was the timely delivery which was achieved as agreed with the client. The Project Manager was one of the key contributors to the success; due to his efficient monitoring and effortless coordination with multiple stakeholders. 

We worked round the clock to provide top-quality translation and flawless review of the exam questionnaire in Simplified Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, & Spanish. Adherence to client requirements and timelines as promised resulted in customer delight and brought us new projects to handle.

Project Overview

  • Localised highly confidential exam questionnaire on secured client translation platform
  • Assigned cybersecurity & information security language experts to work on this project
  • Fulfilled rigorous data security measures set out by the client
  • Achieved client delight and more projects for localization

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