Largest online wine marketplace

The world’s largest online wine marketplace and most downloaded wine app partners with Ulatus to launch their brand in Japan by implementing app localization projects

The combination of Ulatus' translation solutions and specialized translator teams has played a critical role by providing us with professional localization services in a timely and efficient manner. The attention to detail and outstanding quality received from them makes them a pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend them to any organization looking for language solutions.

Project Summary

Largest online wine marketplace
  • Service Name: App Localization
  • Language Pair: English > Japanese
  • Industry: Business Management and Administration and Marketing (Website, Pamphlet etc.)
  • Volume:
    75,000+ words

About the company, what were their requirements and why?

As the world’s largest online wine app and marketplace, the client's business concept is empowering people to enjoy wine to the fullest. The brand was founded in 2010 and currently has a wine database containing more than 12.5 million different wines and 50 million users.

The client was pursuing a language partner who could assist in localizing their English app content into Japanese for android and iOS users. They wanted transadaptation of their brand to be done as per the Japanese market/ consumer, for their app to become well -connected locally.

It was imperative for the client that Ulatus worked on their CAT tool "Smartling." One of the key requirements of the client was to deploy linguists having sound knowledge of wines and the wine industry. The client provided style guides and terminology which would help linguists translate the content more freely and creatively.

Challenges faced by Ulatus for the project

Effective localization for Android and iOS users

Localizing the wine app was extremely critical since the client was launching their app in the Japan market for Android and iOS users. Every word and idea had to be impactful and meet the objective of making the brand feel comfortable to users. The client also expected high quality translations to be delivered within strict timelines.

Securing Brand globalization

Understanding the client’s brand and product was crucial. The linguists at Ulatus were expected to have a sound knowledge of the wine industry, so that they could relate to and translate the subject matter selectively and inventively. Keeping in mind the local consumers' mind-set, the client had provided a Japanese style guide, translation memory, and a glossary. These would need to be followed by the Ulatus translation team during translation.

Being Flexible with Smartling CAT tool along with specialized expertise

One of the client’s pivotal requirements was working with their preferred CAT tool "Smartling." The client’s app was launched to check out reviews, ratings, or critical commentary on just about any bottle of wine. Hence, this localization project also required specialization expertise in the fields of viticulture, viniculture, and marketing. It was a challenging task to ensure that the expert linguist chosen for this project had the required skillset and could work on the chosen CAT tool within a strict timeline

Substantial client participation in the review stage

The client had set up a dedicated review process at their end. Since review ing is a key stage of the localization workflow, the client had requested Ulatus to provide interim deliveries. The project management team at Ulatus had to work closely with the client in resolving any linguistic issues. This client review process was very dynamic, happened in real-time, and the team had to get any issues / gaps resolved quickly.

Solution provided by Ulatus to the client

Cognizance of the CAT tool "Smartling"

The client wanted Ulatus to use their CAT tool "Smartling" for this project. Being one of the leading LSPs globally, Ulatus had the knowledge of working with different CAT tools. Considering the strict timelines and interim deliveries , it was ensured that the translation team at Ulatus was well equipped with the required knowledge to work with the "Smartling " tool. The Project Manager at Ulatus took the lead in training the translator, translation checker, and the native editor on the Smartling tool with 24X7 support.

Selecting subject matter experts in Viticulture, Viniculture, and Marketing

Precise selection of the translation team was done by using an AI powered in-house linguist selection tool. Selected linguists were experts in wine-related fields with 10+ years of experience along with 5+ years of marketing experience. The lead linguist was a Ph.D. holder in viticulture and had a rich experience of working with various wineries. The translation team was equipped with style guides provided by the client and terminologies which were required for localization.

Live monitoring by the client

The client had complete access to the live project hence they could see the progress at various stages. This empowered the client to share any feedback without any reluctance. A dedicated Project Manager was assigned to accept any revisions/ additions from the client who would further liaise with the translation team.

Flawless translation with transadaptation and localization

The content in the source language (EN) had to be both translated and adapted to fit the need of brand localization along with cultural and linguistic requirements of the target language (JP). The Ulatus translation team had native linguists of the target language equipped with the experience and expertise to recognize even the subtlest of nuances. The final round of proofreading was handled by the lead linguist at Ulatus to improve fluency ensuring that the brand localization was done successfully.

Add project overview

Ulatus added value to the project in the following ways:

  • Helped the client meet all their requirements for the localized app on time.
  • Deliveredaround 10+ projects without a single quality complaint by providing top-notch quality output while meeting tight deadlines.
  • Ensured a flawless coordinated effort among all stakeholders involved ,by applying agile project management techniques and helping the client be a part of the live process.
  • Through the brand's transadaptation approach, all product-specific and localization nuances were assimilated.

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