Website localization including SEO localization for
a Marketing organization

Ulatus partnered with a digital marketing behemoth that focuses on marketing scientific and medical products to localize their client's website content into German.

Ulatus made the process of doing business together seamless. The client appreciated our quick assessment of the files and delivery and expressed great satisfaction with the manner we managed the project as a whole .The quality of the deliverables also received the client's approval.

Project Summary

Case-study for Marketing organization
  • Service: Website and SEO Localization
  • Languages Pair: English to German
  • Industries: Marketing, Dentistry, and Information Technology
  • Website Link:
  • Volume: 30,000 words into German

About the company, what were the requirements? And, why?

Our client offers services such as website and sales funnel design, Facebook & social media advertising, social media management, email marketing, conversion rate optimization (CRO), online review generation, website analytics, and content marketing for dentists and dental specialists. They also offer search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and social media management. For dentists and dental experts, our clients create an entirely new strategy for digital marketing. They support forward-thinking dentists and dental experts in exploding the growth of their practices using efficient and cutting-edge digital marketing techniques.

They serve as their marketing partner and assist them in putting a cutting-edge marketing plan into practice, allowing them to concentrate on what they do best and assist more community members. They create a change through their unique partnership offering and proven process that grows patient revenue while eliminating the financial risk and uncertainty of flawed marketing.

The customer’s goal was to get the website for their client, Paint shop Pro, translated into German. They also requested that we include the use of German keywords in our translation for SEO purposes. With the aid of our top German subject matter experts and a committed Project Management Team, we had to localize each of the HTML pages they had given us for translation.

Challenges we overcame in the project

Effective handling of HTML files with complex nomenclature

The client's files had an intricate folder and subfolder structure of HTML files. In order to determine the exact word count of the translation and to ultimately certify the true extent of the translation, carefully pre-engineering steps had to be conducted and examined. Considering the website structure was static in nature, with all HTML files having the same name, it was difficult for our engineering team to make sure that nothing was missed for translation. Eventually, post-translation, the roll-back of the entire content is easier than the original structure. We wanted to make sure that each sub-file folder was covered and not overlook any relevant files.

Managing multiple skilled teams from linguistic to SME experts to marketing SEO experts, technical developers, and Project Managers.

For this assignment, the project management team had to deal with a variety of stakeholders, including SEO, subject matter linguists, engineering team and website developers to guarantee the best deliverable quality of website localization. For this website translation work, search engine optimization specialists also played a significant part. Lastly, because the project dealt with web-related issues, technical developers were also involved to ensure a seamless transfer and efficient operation of the bilingual website. The difficulty of collaborating with numerous stakeholders was crucial to the project's success.

Adhering to client keywords/terminologies

For each web page, the customer gave us both English and German keywords, and they expected us to use the German keywords in our translation for SEO purposes. Therefore, the terms had to be strictly used in the meta-description, title, sub-titles, and body of all web pages. This was a very important directive from the client and had to be followed in a precise manner.

Top-notch Translation Quality and adherence to the timeline

From this project, the client had high expectations. We faced the difficulty of upholding the highest standards of quality while working with multiple stakeholders as members of the project management team. Given multiple hurdles in this localization project, from technical issues to receiving content from the client, it was surely a test of our strengths. As a result, a crucial component of the project was choosing the right team from different departments to work on this project. To add to this, we also had a challenging timeline to meet.

Solution provided to the client

Dedicated Project Manager to follow the client’s SOP

To guarantee that all quality standards and objectives were followed, a committed project manager was chosen to work with the subject matter specialists. The project manager's responsibilities included overseeing the localization, making sure the linguists strictly followed all instructions, planning, strategizing, meeting deadlines, and resolving any difficulties that arose, particularly when taking into account the file management issue.

Careful project planning and execution

There was no room for error because the project had hundreds of HTML files that were organized into folders and subfolders. Thus, meticulous planning and project execution were necessary. The files had to be uploaded to our CAT program consecutively, and our project manager had to record the sequence in which they were stored. This was necessary for us to meet the client's true needs.

Careful pre-engineering to manage static website content

For projects of this nature, pre-engineering checks are crucial. To guarantee that the project runs smoothly, it is crucial to comprehend the needs and file formats at the outset. HTML files passed pre-engineering inspections, and as part of management planning, SMEs and SEO experts were chosen before the start of the actual assignment as members of the team.

An excellent delivery methodology to make sure no disturbance is caused to the HTML-based website

The project required several HTML files, all of which needed to be inserted into the appropriate subfolders and had the same name. When delivering, our project manager paid close attention to the little things, ensuring that each HTML file was put exactly where it belonged in the source document. For this, our internal IT infra team was involved in making sure that we could catch errors at the server level for any issues between original and final localized files. In order to ensure search engine optimization for the customer's website, our project manager additionally made sure that all of the German keywords provided by the client were used in our translation for all the web pages.

Agile and custom workflow creation, to manage continuous delivery of final content and website page deliverables

The localization workflow was completed without a hiccup at each level, including translation, editing, and review. We made sure that constant and stringent quality checkpoints were met at every stage of the process by employing agile localization techniques. Due to this effective overseeing and easy coordination with several stakeholders, the project manager was one of the major factors in the success. We put in a lot of effort to give the client top-notch website localization.

Project Overview

  • Exceeded expectations for the highest quality localization of the website while meeting deadlines.
  • Developed German-to-English adapted web pages.
  • Assigned language specialists from the fields of Medicine and Information Technology to this website localization project.
  • Use of Keywords played a critical role in the success of Translation and SEO.

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