Translation of informative booklets with factual data about various tourist destinations in Japan to promote tourism.

We successfully translated historical facts for our client, which the Ministry of Tourism used to
promote various tourist destinations in Japan.

Project Summary

Translation of informative booklets
  • Service Name: English to Japanese
  • Specialization: Travel & Tourism
  • Volume: 75,000 words

About the company, what were the requirements? And, why?

Our client has been driving a creative change since its founding in 2002. They were born global and continued to bridge the cultural gaps and eliminate language barriers. They have derived value from their unique design, system development, and branding experience for nearly two decades to help their clients with their markets. They have become a trusted partner of luxury brands and government agencies, and are constantly evolving to offer their clients the latest and best solutions.

The client was looking for a translation partner who can accurately translate historical facts, which the Ministry of Tourism will use to promote various tourist destinations in Japan.

Challenges we faced during this project

Huge historic data translation accuracy

The client gathered information about various tourist destinations through interviews, historical data, and media coverage. One of its vital characteristics is the sheer amount of factual data. Translation of historical facts requires intensive knowledge and focus. Even the most competent translator can flounder. Any mistranslation or misinterpretation would have a severe impact on the output. 

Multiple rounds of trials to find the perfect linguistic team

For such critical projects, we provide two sets of trial translations at the initial stage, and the client then gets to decide which team they want to proceed with. Considering the criticality and sensitivity of the translation, the client wanted a perfect team of translators. Hence they wanted us to provide as many sets as possible, due to which we had to align all our subject-matter experts from the pool of expert linguists.

Ministry of Tourism project – Pivotal to boosting Japan tourism

Our client required a translation partner for an annual project with their client, the Ministry of Tourism. This government body wanted to use the translation to promote tourist destinations in Japan. This pivotal government project required an accomplished and dependable translation company with a robust framework and state-of-the-art technology.

Our solution to the client

Brought a team of expert linguists in Travel and Tourism historic data

Selecting the right linguists with the subject-matter expertise in Travel and Tourism and the knowledge of historical facts was critical. It was predominant that the translation appeal to the people in charge in the Ministry of Tourism not to just read through but also to check the facts and promote the tourist destinations. To form a specialized and highly proficient team, we first refined 20 translators using our proprietary tool that automatically selects an ideal list of linguists. The trial translations were provided to them since the client wanted us to provide multiple trial sets to check if the translation is factual, detailed, and accurate. The top 8 highly-trained and qualified native and bilingual translators were selected for this project to ensure superior accuracy and excellent quality.

Implementing the “Maker-Checker” workflow process

Multiple assessments were conducted with the respective linguists before aligning them to this project, so their expertise in terms of subject matter and understanding the historical facts were considered. We endorsed the “maker-checker” model for this project to ensure that nothing was missed from the accuracy context. Our Project Management (PM) team monitored each step of the process and ensured that the project was on track. In addition, the linguists made sure that each factual data was conscientiously checked and edited.

An additional round of audit for ensuring the accuracy of the historical facts

Apart from the “Maker-Checker” workflow process, an additional final review check was completed by our expert reviewer. The expert reviewer was encouraged to suggest other areas of improvement in the files to ensure accuracy, clarity, and consistency for an excellent outcome.

Project Overview

  • We delivered the translation in Japanese with a high level of accuracy, readability, and consistency.
  • We developed an excellent relationship with the client that led to the renewal of our annual contract.
  • We put together a top-notch team of native linguists and SMEs to achieve the best results.

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