Wearsafe develops a personal safety platform for mobile IoT devices, Bluetooth-connected hardware, and smartwatches to provide enterprise and consumer mobile customers with a better way to connect, inform, and get help.

We, at Ulatus, provided app localization (Android & iOS), on-device testing, web testing, and language quality assurance services in the Japanese language.

Working on a project like this one has been quite enriching both from a knowledge and experience point of view. Ulatus assisted in providing app localistion, product testing, language quality assurance for launching the product in Japan on various digital platforms.

Project Summary

Wearsafe App localization
  • Service Name: Translation, Editing & Proof Reading - App localization (Android & iOS), Transadaptation, On-device testing, web testing (iWatch & Alexa), LQA, Marketing brochure localisation & DTP
  • Language Pair: English to Japanese
  • Word count: 37112
  • Industry: Computer Software
  • Website: https://japan.wearsafe.com/
  • Specialties: Personal Safety, Wearable, SaaS, Personal Security, B2B, Workforce Safety, Security, Wireless, IOT, Enterprise, Safety as a Service, software, mobile, lone worker, running safety, Student Safety, and Personal Safety Devices

About the company, what were the requirements? And, why?

Wearsafe develops a personal safety platform for mobile IoT devices, Bluetooth-connected hardware, and smartwatches to provide enterprise and consumer mobile customers with a better way to connect, inform, and get help. As pioneers of personal protection products and communication services, Wearsafe is making the world safer by redefining how people seek and provide help.

The company was recently named an IDC Innovator and Gartner Cool Vendor, awarded the Red Herring Top 100 North America and Editor's Choice Award by Women's Health Magazine, and featured in Gartner's "Enterprise Guide for Spotting Digital Disruptions and Disruptors"​ report.

Wearsafe required app localization, on-device testing, web testing, LQA, and marketing brochure localization for their product launch in Japan. The device testing was to be done on Android and iOS. In addition, we had to ship the device to Japan so that our linguists could carry out the required testing and LQA.

Challenges we faced during this project

App localization & device testing of a personal safety product

Our client, Wearsafe, develops personal safety-connected platforms. They were looking to launch their product in Japan and approached us with localization and application testing requirements and localizing their marketing brochures. In addition, the client wanted us to test on Android and iOS devices which included iWatch and Alexa. Therefore, we had to thoroughly understand the requirements and plan the project keeping the timelines and top-quality output in mind.

Understanding of the device and assigning a team of SME linguists

This project required us to first localize the product app into Japanese and then deep test the product, including language sign off. To finalize the linguistic team for this project, we focused on the subject-matter expertise and assigned linguists who have experience in working on app localization projects. Once the team was in place, we had to ship the devices to the linguists in Japan to test using the actual physical device on the required mobile and web platforms. It was one of the critical parts of the project, and we had to ensure the process was seamless.  

Providing transadaptation involving DTP for their brochure needed for product launch

As the project discussions progressed, the client came up with an additional requirement to localize their marketing brochures in Japanese, including a considerable amount of DTP work. While localizing the marketing content, we had to maintain the style and tone according to the local market requirements. Since we were dealing with a personal safety product, the transadaptation was accurately done. 

Extremely critical and high-quality language sign off requirements

The client was looking to launch their personal safety device in Japan, and we had to ensure that the localization quality was good and connected well with the local audience. The linguists followed the style guide to understand if the local terminologies, the style, the tone were consistent. The client provided us with the language quality guidelines, which we had to stricly follow with our testers for the final sign off.

Our solution to the client

Ulatus helped Wearsafe launch its safety product app in Japanese on Android and iOS devices by conducting rigorous testing and language quality analysis to ensure seamless product release to retail and corporate customers. 

We managed to meet the client's requirements in the following ways. 

Assigned linguists with app/ device localization experience

Our project management team used its in-house tool to identify and select the right set of linguists to work on this project. The expertise required was in the space of software app and web app localization, and we were able to put the right team together. Once the team was chosen, we provided them with the style guides and terminologies needed for localization. The client provided XML, String, and Web files. The translation was carried out within our CAT tool, which benefited the client in many ways, such as consistency in the translation, quality assurance, cost savings, and more. 

Actual on-device regression testing carried out on Android, iOS & web app platforms

This project allowed us to test our localization on smart devices. We provided on-device testing & language quality analysis by conducting tests on the actual device. We shipped the device to our linguists in Japan, and provided them with the test files based on which the testing was carried out. The linguists carried out the testing on smart devices like iWatch and Alexa, and the bug reports were shared with the client for carrying out the required fixes. Then, we performed regression testing.

Special emphasis on quality by conducting extensive LQA for software strings

The most critical phase of this project was the language quality analysis that our linguists carried out in testing software strings. They performed localization QA for the client's product app in the Japanese language. Our project manager vetted the translation corrections and other bugs. We had to also focus on maintaining uniformity across the terms used and the tone of language. Throughout the process, the client remained involved and worked closely with our team.

Successful launch of the device and app across various digital platforms in Japan

Coordinating between stakeholders like the client, their QA team, testing team, linguists, and project lead was critical and was managed efficiently by our project lead. As a result, all the requirements, including app localization and product testing on various mobile and digital platforms, including iWatch & Alexa were met within the client's expected timelines and quality standards. In addition, when the client came up with an additional requirement of assisting them in localizing their marketing brochure in Japanese that had a considerable amount of DTP, our team managed to accommodate this request and assisted the client in providing them with all the deliverables on time for launching their product in Japan. 

Project Overview

  • App localization of a personal safety product in Japanese
  • Actual on-device testing carried out on Android, iOS & web app devices by native linguists
  • Marketing brochure localization involving DTP
  • Assisted with the successful launch of the device and app across various digital platforms in Japan

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